Corsair does the Neutron dance with new line of fast SSDs based on Toggle NAND Flash

PC hardware maker Corsair has introduced a new line of 2.5-inch, 7mm SSDs called the Neutron GTX series. I find it very interesting that the first fact put forth in the Corsair press release for this new series is about the Flash media controller in the drive. The controller chip is the LM87800 SSD controller from Link_A_Media, an 8-year-old Silicon Valley startup company. This Corsair announcement is yet another indication of how important the controller is in SSD design. It’s so important that it’s a significant differentiator in terms of the performance realized by the SSD. The Neutron GTX drives employ high-speed Toggle NAND Flash to support the controller’s speed and together, they support the drives’ 6Gbits/sec SATA interface.

The Neutron GTX SSD series delivers 555Mbytes/sec read and 500Mbytes/sec write operations and up to 90,000 random read and write IOPs (input/output operations per second), which greatly speed data-intensive tasks like video and image editing. Drive capacities range from 120 to 480Gbytes.

According to the press release, the Corsair Neutron GTX drives will be available next month.

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