So just how big is the semiconductor memory market? $50 billion? $60 billion?

Yesterday, Jeremy Wagstaff, Chief Technology Correspondent for Reuters in Asia, published an article on wannabe non-volatile memory technologies such as MRAM and Memristors or ReRAM (See “Pushing the PRAM: when chips just can’t get any smaller”). The lure is a big piece of the semiconductor memory pie. How big a piece? Well, the deckhead in Wagstaff’s article says it’s a $50 billion industry. Deeper in the article, Wagstaff writes that the Flash market was $21 billion last year and that the DRAM market was $30 billion.

By coincidence, I looked over a detailed report on semiconductor memory from research house Databeans yesterday. According to Databeans, memory makes up some 20% of the $300 billion semiconductor market. That works out to about $60 billion.

It’s a big lure, which is why you see all of these wannabe memory fish closing in.

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