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SanDisk shows 128Gbit, 3-level cell NAND Flash memory chip at ISSCC. Is 20nm (or 19nm) here, so soon?

I’ve already written about retired SanDisk CEO Eli Harari’s ISSCC keynote prediction that ReRAM/memristor technology would supplant DRAM and NAND Flash memory by the time the 11nm process node arrives. (See “SanDisk’s founder and retired CEO Eli Harari says that … Continue reading

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SanDisk’s founder and retired CEO Eli Harari says that the future of SSDs, computer memory, and everything else belongs to memristors at 11nm

The SSD Review reports that SanDisk’s founder and retired CEO Eli Harari delivered some explosive predictions at last week’s ISSCC in San Francisco. In sharp contrast to the recent and highly publicized paper predicting the slowdown of SSD speed and reliability … Continue reading

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Operational DDR4 SDRAM prototypes appear at ISSCC

As reported this week by several Web sites including, Samsung and Hynix both demonstrated working prototypes of DDR4 SDRAM at the ISSCC conference in San Francisco this week. The Samsung and Hynix DDR4 memories were manufactured in 30nm and … Continue reading

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SMART Storage Systems’ Optimus Ultra SSD taps consumer-grade NAND Flash memory with magic wand named Guardian to make enterprise-class SSD

A lead from Computerworld put me onto the announcement by SMART Storage Systems of a new enterprise-class Optimus Ultra SSD based on consumer-grade MLC (multi-level cell) NAND Flash devices. Using consumer-grade silicon to make this drive cuts the OEM cost … Continue reading

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Is Wide I/O SDRAM a disruptive technology? Signs say yes according to new EETimes article

A new article about Wide I/O and 3D IC assembly published in EETimes brings some additional technical information to light. The article was written by Marc Greenberg and Samta Bansal, both from Cadence, and it contains both a review of … Continue reading

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The sky is falling! The sky is falling! Paper predicts the bleak future of SSDs and NAND Flash memory

An interesting and disturbing paper titled “The Bleak Future of NAND Flash Memory” written by two researchers at the Department of Computer Science and Engineering at the University of California, San Diego, and one Microsoft employee uses current trends with … Continue reading

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STT MRAM startup Spin Transfer Technologies secures $36M in Series A funding

Last week, STT MRAM startup Spin Transfer Technologies announced that it had secured $36M in Series A financing from Allied Minds and Invesco Asset Management. Spin Transfer Technologies is developing an “orthogonal” version of STT (spin transfer technology—the technology, not … Continue reading

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Flash Memory Summit 2012: Call for presentations

Planning is now underway for the Flash Memory Summit 2012, which will be held in Santa Clara, CA in August. There’s no better show devoted exclusively to NAND Flash semiconductor memory and applications of NAND Flash—particularly SSDs. The organizers have … Continue reading

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Is Wide I/O SDRAM free for the end user? (Republished from EDA360 Insider)

Note: I just published this blog entry on my EDA360 Insider blog for 3D Thursday but the topic is so relevant to the conversation in the Denali Memory Report that I am republishing it here as well. A recent email … Continue reading

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SanDisk launches X100 SSD in 2.5-inch, mSATA, and custom form factors. Capacities to 512Gbytes.

SanDisk has just jumped into full-fledged OEM mode with the X100 SSD series that is available in 2.5-inch (7 or 9.5mm thick), mSATA, and custom form factors and capacities of 32 to 512Gbytes. All drives are based on MLC (multi-level … Continue reading

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Why is the NVMe SSD interface inherently more efficient than disk-based protocols such as SATA?

The speed at which the electronics industry moves sometimes masks other developments that are incredibly slow-paced and the conversion of storage I/O protocols from hard-disk-centric to solid-state disks (SSDs) is a shining example. Most SSDs currently employ I/O protocols originally … Continue reading

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Do you know the new lessons that SSDs are teaching us?

IT Web recently ran a thoughtful article titled “Storage trends for 2012.” What struck me about this article is that it incorporates some pretty important lessons for anyone designing with SSDs or other forms of NAND Flash storage. Here are … Continue reading

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Watch out SSDs, here comes the NVM Express!

I was reading an article on the Information Week Web site about using SSDs for accelerating enterprise storage and came across this statement: “For the most part, the type of SSD that you use in the storage system does not … Continue reading

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Hitachi Global Storage unleashes 2.5-inch, 100 to 400Gbyte enterprise SSDs with Intel 25nm SLC NAND Flash

This week, Hitachi GST (Global Storage Technology) announced a new line of 2.5-inch, 100 to 400Gbyte enterprise SSDs, called the Ultrastar SSD400S.B, based on Intel 25nm SLC (single level cell) NAND Flash devices. The endurance specs of the Flash devices … Continue reading

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Quickly Noted: EETimes on the challenges of testing semiconductor memory for mobile applications. Is testing really a 3D IC “stopper”?

Janine Love at EETimes interviewed Cecil Ho, President of CST (—a memory tester vendor, about issues surrounding the testing of semiconductor memory that’s optimized for and aimed at mobile applications. In these applications board real estate and physical volume are … Continue reading

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Unbelievable but true: bad embedded SSD controller firmware can crash a PC. Next stop—Blue Screen of Death!

According to this article by Anand Lal Shimpi on the eponymous, several SSD vendors including Intel have recently discovered that it’s possible for an SSD to crash a Microsoft Windows system and invoke the dreaded Blue Screen of Death … Continue reading

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Free half-day SSD seminars across North America and the UK

Demartek, a research and analysis firm, will be holding seven free half-day seminars on SSD basics across North America (and one in the UK) during 2012. These seminars look to be pretty basic, so they’re an introduction for people who … Continue reading

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Can MLC NAND Flash work in enterprise SSDs? Yes, with the right storage algorithms says Seagate

MLC (multi-level cell) NAND Flash memories provide 2x or 3x the storage for slightly more than the cost of SLC (single-level cell) NAND Flash memories. Consequently, there’s a big economic case to be made for MLC NAND Flash devices in … Continue reading

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Review of Samsung SM825 Enterprise SSD reveals backup supercapacitors inside

Data security is everything for enterprise storage and that’s why this teardown analysis of the Samsung SM825 Enterprise SSD is so interesting. Sure, the drive has a sleek aluminum case that’s worthy of a SuperBowl commercial but inside you’ll … Continue reading

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Tom’s Hardware: Even a low-end SSD beats the pants off of a high-end HDD.

Andrew Ku at Tom’s Hardware published a little gem of an article that discusses SSD performance relative to HDD performance in a very interesting and very sane way. Ku writes: “As a point of comparison, a file operation completes 85% … Continue reading

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Could the memory business be a major driver for the semiconductor foundry business? MonolithIC 3D’s Deepak Sekar says “Yes!”

Deepak Sekar, Chief Scientist at MonolithIC 3D, has just published a provocative blog with big implications for both the semiconductor memory and foundry businesses. His premise is that even though Samsung has “only” about 7% of the semiconductor foundry business, … Continue reading

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