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MRAM spotted in Buffalo Memory SSD—for cache

Several sources including have reported the appearance at the 15th Embedded Systems Expo in Japan of an SSD built by Buffalo Memory Company with MRAM for cache memory. The drive uses 8Mbytes of MRAM (magnetic RAM) as a cache … Continue reading

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This SSD will self destruct…immediately. On Command (See the video)

In case you need an SSD that can be wiped quickly, RunCore has introduced the InVincible SSD with two modes of erasure: non-destructive and destructive. Two buttons—one red, one green—activate the erasure. The two buttons apparently connect to the SSD’s … Continue reading

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DFI 3.1 spec adds DDR4 and LPDDR3 coverage for speed and low-power benefits

Earlier this month, JEDEC published the LPDDR3 specification for the next generation of low-power SDRAM that will be used in mobile devices such as smartphones, tablets, ultra-thin notebooks and similar connected devices on the newest, high-speed 4G networks. The LPDDR3 … Continue reading

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Invensas to detail POP interconnect to rival Wide I/O with as many as 1200 interconnections between IC packages

Later this week, Invensas will detail its new BVA (bond via array) package-on-package (POP) interconnect that can achieve 1200 electrical connections between chip packages without the use of 3D die assembly. Information on the technology will be contained in a … Continue reading

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The Denali Memory Report is on vacation and will return on May 26, 2012

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Semiconductor memory plays a large role in smartphone design says Matti Floman of Nokia

“There’s no real difference between PCs and mobile phones today,” said Matti Floman from Nokia who gave the first keynote speech at last week’s JEDEC Mobile Forum. There is no difference in the types of applications run; there’s no difference … Continue reading

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NVM Express (NVMe) controller subsystem points the way to an SSD future

Cadence introduced an NVM Express (NVMe) controller subsystem this week. The Denali Memory Report and the EDA360 Insider have covered NVMe developments several times already (see below for the links) and it’s clear that one way to maximize SSD performance … Continue reading

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It’s Official: Microsoft joins 3D Hybrid Memory Cube Consortium with Micron, Samsung, Altera, IBM, Open-Silicon, and Xilinx

Last week, the Hybrid Memory Cube Consortium announced that Microsoft had joined Micron, Samsung, Altera, IBM, Open-Silicon, and Xilinx in the development of high-performance 3D SDRAM subsystems based on the Hybrid Memory Cube. For more information on the Hybrid Memory … Continue reading

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SSD Review: Intel 910 PCIe SSD a “game changer”

It’s always great fun to see a company hit one out of the ballpark with a new product and that’s exactly what Intel has done with its new 910 PCIe SSD, if you believe this recent article by Paul Alcorn … Continue reading

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Micron samples DDR4 module at 2400Mtransfers/sec. Production pegged in 2013

Micron has begun sampling a DDR4 SDRAM module, which the company has said will lead the way to DDR4 availability in production equipment starting in 2013. The memory chips on the Micron DDR4 module are 30nm, 4Gbit, x8 parts operating … Continue reading

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Second Speedy SAS SSD Shows at STA (SCSI Trade Association). Tomorrow

Seagate has become the second company to announce that it will be showing its Pulsar.2 12Gbps SATA SSD at tomorrow’s SCSI Trade Association meeting in Santa Clara, California. The first was Western Digital. (See “WD’s HGST to demo 12Gbps SAS … Continue reading

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1Tbyte KingMax SSDs spotted on shelves in Japan. ¥119800 ($1500)

Tweaktown is reporting the appearance of 1Tbyte, 2.5-inch KingMax SSDs on retail shelves in Japan with a price of ¥119800 (about $1500). There’s a photo too, in case you don’t believe the words alone. Tweaktown cites the original information source … Continue reading

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Simple three-bar graph explains all the engineering economics of 3D memory you need to know

The January IEEE Spectrum contained an article titled “3-D Chips Grow Up.” The article reproduced a simple Samsung bar graph about the very real advantages of 3D memory interconnect. That graph tells you all you need to know about why … Continue reading

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Tiny RunCore single-chip SSDs cram 8 to 64Gbytes onto small SATA cards that fit anywhere

RunCore has announced a line of small single-chip SSDs in a format that the company calls “Mini DOM” (miniature disk on module). The high-speed SATA SSDs are available with capacities from 8 to 64Gbytes in three form factors: a 7-pin … Continue reading

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WD’s HGST to demo 12Gbps SAS SSD at SCSI Trade Association Technology Showcase next week in California

HGST, the Western Digital subsidiary formerly known as Hitachi Global Storage Technologies, has announced a new 12Gbps SAS SSD and will be demonstrating it at the SCSI Trade Association Technology Showcase next week on May 9 at the Hyatt Hotel … Continue reading

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25 Years of Removable Storage in One Photograph

Thomas Morffew published this amazing photo showing 25 years of removable storage artifacts. At the top are 5.25- and 3.5-inch floppy disks. Towards the bottom, in the center are some CDs and then comes the solid-state storage—memory sticks, SD cards, … Continue reading

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Multicore, the Memory Wall, and Numerical Compression—FREE Webcast now available

Last month I posted a review of Al Wegener’s terrific IEEE Computer Society presentation at Cadence titled “Multicore, the Memory Wall, and Numerical Compression.” (See “Will your multicore SoC hit the memory wall? Will the memory wall hit your SoC? … Continue reading

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