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Lexar translates USB 3.0 specs into significant benefits that consumers care about with the new S73 JumpDrive

Sometimes, we insiders get pretty esoteric in the way we describe technological improvements. Take SuperSpeed USB 3.0 for example. Most consumers know it’s faster than USB 2.0—after all, 3.0 is bigger than 2.0 so it must be better—but perhaps they … Continue reading

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Supertalent USB 3 SSD memory-stick drive virtually “saturates” USB 2 port using 8-channel LSI SandForce SSD controller

In a sea of undifferentiated USB memory sticks, Supertalent is coming on very strong by differentiating its USB 3.0 Express RC8 drive  through its use of an LSI SandForce SSD controller with 8 channels of NAND Flash memory. As a … Continue reading

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