More on developing your own SSD controller chip. Is rolling your own right for you?

A couple of days ago, I described the new STEC MACH16 SSD and noted that STEC had developed its own SSD controller and firmware. (See “STEC’s MACH16 Slim 2.5-in SATA SSD requires small footprint, fits in small embedded spaces”) I did the same for yesterday’s introduction of the yet-to-be-named Micron 2.5-inch, PCIe SSD, which also employs a proprietary controller. (See “Micron introduces Enterprise-class, 2.5-inch SSD with PCIe interface”). So now seems like a good time to introduce you to an article that appeared last month on the SSD Review Web site (“Examining The SSD Industry – Researching The Controller or Processor”) In this article, author Wayne Eisenberg, retired Vice President of Worldwide Sales and Marketing Communications at SMART Modular Technology, notes that several vendors that have developed their own SSD controllers and firmware. Eisenberg writes:

“If the controller is the engine, than the firmware is the steering, transmission, accelerator and braking system, all in one. The engine (controller) can’t run without the fuel (NAND), however is arguably useless without direction and control, the firmware.”

You might want to give the article a closer look. There might be some competitive advantage in there for you.

Naturally, if you need some appropriate design IP, verification IP, or memory models to develop your own SSD controller SoC and firmware, Cadence might be able to help. Give us a call.

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