Micron introduces Enterprise-class, 2.5-inch SSD with PCIe interface

This week, Micron announced a hot-swappable, 2.5-inch SSD that employs a PCIe interface instead of the more widely used SATA or SAS disk interfaces. Dell announced that it has selected this drive for its 12th generation PowerEdge server line. Both Micron and Dell are members of the SSD Form Factor Working Group (www.ssdformfactor.com) , which is working to further the adoption of PCIe storage drives.

Micron adapted its RealSSD P320h PCIe board-based SSD (introduced last year) for the electrical design of the new SSD, which look’s like a conventional, aluminum-encased 2.5-inch drive. The P320h design uses a proprietary Micron SSD controller chip that can operate 32 channels of NAND Flash memory and sports a PCIe Gen 2 x8 interface. The new 2.5-inch SSD uses a PCIe Gen 2 x4 interface and is available in capacities of 175Gbytes or 350Gbytes—the board-based P320h SSD is available with a capacity of 350Gbytes or 700Gbytes.

Micron is currently sampling the new 2.5-inch SSD.

Pssst: Need some verification IP for PCIe Gen 1, 2, or 3? Check this out.

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