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Cool case instantly transforms 2.5-inch HDD or SSD into WiFi-connected network storage

Patriot Memory is now selling the Gauntlet Node, a cool name for a cool disk-drive case that transforms a 2.5-inch HDD or SSD into a WiFi-connected network storage device. The enclosure has an internal SATA port and can accommodate drive … Continue reading

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Will cache SSDs rule the world in notebook storage? IHS iSuppli’s Magic 8 Ball says “Signs point to Yes”

An excellent article by Hot Hardware’s Joel Hruska (see “Analysts Predict Skyrocketing SSD, Cache Drive Sales, But What Happened To Hybrid Hard Drives?”) contains several tasty bits of data and a quote from Ryan Chien, analyst for memory and storage … Continue reading

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Violin Memory’s Narayan Venkat writes about why Flash-based storage is doing well in data centers: time and money

Narayan Venkat, VP of product management at Violin Memory, recently published a guest blog post titled “6 Reasons Solid State Memory Is The Biggest Story In Computing” over at Forbes.com. The rhetoric in the article should be familiar stuff to … Continue reading

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Forbes.com publishes article on growth areas for SSDs and NAND Flash devices: mobile and cloud

Tom Coughlin, the President and founder of Coughlin Associates, has just published a good background piece on growth paths for SSDs and Flash memory. I commend it to your attention and I particularly want to call your attention to several … Continue reading

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Is Flash memory nearing end of life and if so what solid-state storage is waiting in the wings? Will that be the salmon or the rosemary chicken?

On Thursday, May 17, the inaugural Storage Valley Supper Club sits down for its first dinner in Milpitas, California to discuss the state of the storage industry (“Because it’s all about storage!”). Anyone with present or past affiliations in the … Continue reading

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Tom’s Hardware: Even a low-end SSD beats the pants off of a high-end HDD.

Andrew Ku at Tom’s Hardware published a little gem of an article that discusses SSD performance relative to HDD performance in a very interesting and very sane way. Ku writes: “As a point of comparison, a file operation completes 85% … Continue reading

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IBM’s Almaden Labs sets lower mass bound for nanoscale magnetic storage: 12 atoms

Researchers at the IBM Almaden Labs south of San Jose, CA have experimentally set the lower bound on magnetic storage at 12 atoms. It appears that eight atoms can’t quite cut it. Although the atoms are iron atoms, their antiferromagnetic … Continue reading

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