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Some great analysis on SSD wear leveling and power consumption

Some great analysis by Cullen Logan at Amazon.com appeared on LinkedIn over the weekend in response to my post “Are Enterprise SSDs a “bad” idea? Four tips and counter-tips for your consideration”: “To put some raw data out there, consider … Continue reading

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Objective Analysis White Paper covers the basics of SSD design. Do you know what’s important?

Jim Handy at Objective Analysis has just published a White Paper about SSDs titled “Enterprise Reality, Solid State Speed.” The White Paper provides an excellent introduction to issues surrounding SSD design. The key issue here is the basic wearout failure … Continue reading

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SMART Storage Systems’ Optimus Ultra SSD taps consumer-grade NAND Flash memory with magic wand named Guardian to make enterprise-class SSD

A lead from Computerworld put me onto the announcement by SMART Storage Systems of a new enterprise-class Optimus Ultra SSD based on consumer-grade MLC (multi-level cell) NAND Flash devices. Using consumer-grade silicon to make this drive cuts the OEM cost … Continue reading

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High-Speed HDDs versus SSDs: Is there even a question?

Manek Dubash recently published a blog post on the UK ZDNet Web site that discusses the impact SSDs will have on high-speed hard disks in the enterprise storage market. He writes: “Each approach has its own attractions and dis-benefits, with … Continue reading

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