The top 21 things you probably didn’t know about Flash memory, from the Flash Memory Summit

Last week’s Flash Memory Summit ended with a session titled “The top 10 things you need to know about Flash memory today. Richard Goering summarized the panel in his blog titled “Flash Memory Panelists Challenge Conventional Thinking About NAND and SSDs” but I thought it would be fun to compile that information into a longer list. So for your amusement, here are the top 21 things you don’t know about Flash memory based on presentation from Andy Tomlin, VP of Solid state Development at Western Digital; Jered Floyd, CTO of Permabit; and Jim Handy, Chief Analyst at Objective Analysis:

  1. It takes a minimum of two years to develop firmware for a new SSD and if you think it takes less, you’ll make poor decisions along the way. –Tomlin
  2. Flash is already cheaper than disk. –Floyd
  3. Data optimization is a requirement. –Floyd
  4. You shouldn’t build it yourself. –Floyd
  5. The end of the road is not in sight. –Floyd
  6. Enterprise is a quality grade, not a technology. –Floyd
  7. Flash device vendors will vertically integrate—or die. –Floyd
  8. Hybrid drives are nothing new. –Floyd
  9. Consumers will be all flash. –Floyd
  10. Data centers will all adopt Flash. –Floyd, Handy
  11. Flash will save the world. –Floyd
  12. NAND prices will not rebound until mid 2013. –Handy
  13. New controllers will enable enterprise-class SSDs based on TLC Flash. –Handy
  14. NAND-aware software is the next high-growth market. –Handy
  15. Ultrabooks will drive NAND Flash cache use in PCs and notebooks. –Handy
  16. The SSD market will split into multiple segments. –Handy
  17. Alternative (new) memories will displace very little NOR Flash. –Handy
  18. PC SSD revenues will decline with the adoption of Flash cache. –Handy
  19. Few will realize it when Flash reaches its scaling limit. –Handy
  20. The current SSD form factor and interface will eventually disappear. –Handy
  21. Flash will eventually scale to 10nm and then be replaced in 6 to 8 years. –Handy

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