How Wired’s Mat Mohan got his personal data back from his SSD after his MacBook Air was hacked. Hint: $1690 in recovery fees.

Mat Mohan knows how to transform adversity into opportunity. He’s a senior writer for Wired’s Gadget Lab and his Apple account was ingeniously hacked through a scam perpetrated on Amazon to get the necessary information to hack into Apple’s system. I read about his hacking adventure online and even heard him talk about it in a National Public Radio interview but that’s not the story here. In the process of being hacked, the SSD in Mohan’s MacBook was partially wiped and the rest of his data made inaccessible. He lost nearly 200Gbytes of personal data, photos, emails…the digital ephemera of 21st-century life.

Now, Mohan has written the story of how he got that life back. Essentially, he sent the partially erased drive to DriveSavers in Novato, California—a company that has specialized in retrieving digital data from damaged drives (hard and solid-state) for many, many years. It’s really a very interesting article that ends pretty well for Mohan even if the bill was $1690. He’ll make back more than the recovery cost when he publishes the book. Meanwhile, read the article here.

And do not miss DriveSavers’ “Museum of Bizarre Disk-asters.”

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