Fast update on STT MRAM vendor Avalanche Technology: They’ve been here since 2006

Alan Niebel, CEO of Web-Feet Research, commented via LinkedIn on yesterday’s blog post about STT MRAM vendor Avalanche Technology:

“Avalanche has been in the STT MRAM race for over four years now. They are not late to the party, they are some of the party leaders.”

My apologies to Avalanche. The post itself was a straightforward discussion of the company’s 3rd-round financing announcement. The headline could be interpreted as suggesting that Avalanche was new to the STT MRAM arena; it certainly wasn’t meant to suggest that Avalanche was late to the STT MRAM party. According to the company’s Web site, Avalanche was founded in 2006 and announced an $11.5 million 2nd funding round in January, 2012.

The most recent press release says that the 3rd funding round will allow the company to go into production with its STT MRAM product. I am not aware of any company presently in production with an STT MRAM product, so no one’s late to the party.

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