names top 25 SSD companies. Guess who? has been following SSDs for a long, long time so they’ve got as much right to name their top picks as anyone. Here’s the 2Q 2012 version with a few you might not have heard about, yet:

  1. Fusion-io
  2. Violin Memory
  3. STEC
  4. OCZ
  5. LSI/SandForce
  6. Texas Memory Systems
  7. SanDisk
  8. Virident Systems
  9. WhipTail
  10. Kove
  11. BiTMICRO
  12. SMART
  13. Anobit
  14. RunCore
  15. Intel
  16. DensBits
  17. EMC
  18. Western Digital
  19. Samsung
  20. Nimbus Data Systems
  21. Skyera
  22. Kaminario
  23. KingFast
  24. Micron
  25. Toshiba

You can get detailed information and analysis about each of these companies from the Web site.

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2 Responses to names top 25 SSD companies. Guess who?

  1. Jonathan says:

    You’ve spelled BiTMICRO wrong. FYI.

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