This SSD will self destruct…immediately. On Command (See the video)

In case you need an SSD that can be wiped quickly, RunCore has introduced the InVincible SSD with two modes of erasure: non-destructive and destructive. Two buttons—one red, one green—activate the erasure. The two buttons apparently connect to the SSD’s normal SATA drive connector. The green button simply erases the drive’s internal Flash memory. For really sensitive data, the red button applies excessive voltage to the Flash memory letting out the magic smoke (seen in the video below) and this preventing the drive from ever working again.

Here’s the video:

Postscript: the SSD on my laptop failed catastrophically just yesterday. Maybe I shouldn’t have written up this particular story for the Denali Memory Report.

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2 Responses to This SSD will self destruct…immediately. On Command (See the video)

  1. daviburg says:

    Jump to 2:10 for the fun. But I was expecting some C4 explosion with the presenter backing off.

    • mufflerr10 says:

      We build military and OEM Systems, but when we have a faulty HDD of any kind (with confidential customer information on it), we simply reach for the “multiple shape adjustment tool” AKA the Hammer, and give them a good bashing up! Far cheaper than this, and same end result.

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