Micron samples DDR4 module at 2400Mtransfers/sec. Production pegged in 2013

Micron has begun sampling a DDR4 SDRAM module, which the company has said will lead the way to DDR4 availability in production equipment starting in 2013. The memory chips on the Micron DDR4 module are 30nm, 4Gbit, x8 parts operating at 2400Mtransfers/sec. Micron and Nanya developed the SDRAM chip together. Eventually, Micron expects to raise the DDR4 SDRAM chip’s transfer rate to the JEDEC-defined 3200Mtransfers/sec speed limit.

Micron’s announcement says that the SDRAM chip will be in volume production by 4Q 2102 and predicts that the company will be offering modules based on this DDR4 SDRAM chip in the following form factors:

  • 3D

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