Tiny RunCore single-chip SSDs cram 8 to 64Gbytes onto small SATA cards that fit anywhere

RunCore has announced a line of small single-chip SSDs in a format that the company calls “Mini DOM” (miniature disk on module). The high-speed SATA SSDs are available with capacities from 8 to 64Gbytes in three form factors: a 7-pin horizontal SATA DOM, a 7-pin vertical SATA DOM, and a 22-pin horizontal SATA DOM. Here’s a photo with the three form factors:

It appears that all of the key electronics including the SATA controller and the NAND Flash memory are contained in one “self-designed” 104-ball FBGA package, which is mounted on the small carrier boards in each of the three circuit board formats. All of the drives are available in a commercial temperature grade (0℃ to 70℃) and an industrial temperature grade (-40℃ to 85℃).

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