DDR4 DIMM and SO-DIMM interposer modules work with Agilent logic analyzers

FuturePlus Systems has announced a pair of DDR4 SDRAM interposer modules compatible with Agilent logic analyzers to aid in hardware debugging of DDR4-based memory systems. The FS2501 interposer module  works with DDR4 DIMMs at transfer rates to 2133Mtransfer/sec and the FS2502 interposer module summary.html works with DDR4 SO-DIMMs at transfer rates to 1600Mtransfer/sec. Both modules provide a mechanical, electrical, and software interface between an Agilent logic analyzer and the DDR4 memory socket. The modules have built-in terminations and include Protocol Decoder software and configuration files for Agilent logic analyzers.

FuturePlus FS2501 DDR4 DIMM Interposer Module for Agilent logic analyzers

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