Micron’s mSATA RealSSD C400 and RealSSD C400v drives get huge performance from their SATA 6Gbps interfaces and 25nm MLC NAND

Micron’s new RealSSD C400v and RealSSD C400 mSATA SSDs can operate as SSDs in ultralight, ultrathin notebooks and can also be used as a Flash caches in SSD/HDD hybrid systems. The drive fits the 3×5 cm, 3.75mm-thick mSATA form factor and sports a 6Gbps SATA interface. The drives are available in capacities ranging from 32 to 256Gbytes, based on the use of Micron’s 25nm MLC (multi-level cell) NAND Flash devices. The Micron image on the right shows that the drives are based on a Marvell 88SS9174-BLD2 SSD controller chip—the same SSD controller that Micron used in its Crucial RealSSD C300 drives introduced in 2010. (See “AnandTech analyzes Crucial C300 SSD with Marvell controller in “The SSD Diaries.” You must read these conclusions.”)

The new drive’s performance specs impress:

  • Sequential read speed: As much as 500 Mbytes/sec, depending on drive capacity
  • Sequential write speed: From 50 to 260 Mbytes/sec depending on drive capacity
  • Active power consumption: Less than 150mW (32 and 64 Gbyte capacities), less than 200mW (128 and 256 Gbyte capacities)
  • Idle power consumption: Less than 65mW (32 and 64 Gbyte capacities), less than 85mW (128 and 256 Gbyte capacities)

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