4th International Memory Workshop in Milan tackles all things non-volatile with respect to semiconductor memory. May 20-23

You will need to travel to Milan, Italy to attend the 4-day intensive event devoted to non-volatile memory, which seems to be the exclusive topic for the 4th International Memory Workshop Symposia on VLSI Technology and Circuits covers latest STT-MRAM developments  being held on May 20-24. The event starts on Sunday with a morning tutorial on system-memory interactions followed by an afternoon tutorial on Magnetic RAM (MRAM). The sessions held on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday cover 2D and 3D NAND Flash memory, Resistive RAM (RRAM), MRAM, ferroelectric memory (FRAM), nanocrystal memory, graphene-based memory, phase-change memory (PRAM or PCM), and even stranger storage physics. There’s also a lonely single session on DRAM. From the program, it appears that you should become an expert in all aspects of non-volatile memory—should you survive the entire event.

More info here.

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