Supertalent USB 3 SSD memory-stick drive virtually “saturates” USB 2 port using 8-channel LSI SandForce SSD controller

In a sea of undifferentiated USB memory sticks, Supertalent is coming on very strong by differentiating its USB 3.0 Express RC8 drive  through its use of an LSI SandForce SSD controller with 8 channels of NAND Flash memory.

As a result of using so many memory channels, the drive provides significantly more small-block transfer performance than other USB 3.0 drives, as shown in this graph:

But the really surprising bit of information is the way the 8-channel SSD implementation can almost completely saturate a USB 2.0 port. According to Supertalent, the theoretical maximum data throughput for a USB 2 port is 44 Mbytes/sec for reads and 38 Mbytes/sec for writes. In 4Kbyte random-access tests, the Supertalent USB 3.0 Express RC8 drive achieves 39 Mbytes/sec for reads and 38 Mbytes/sec for writes. That’s 89% bus saturation for reads and 100% saturation for writes.

Here’s a somewhat over-the-top video from Supertalent that explains all of this (with enough hard data to make it worthwhile):

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