NVMe storage-optimized PCIe interface gets an Interoperability Lab at University of New Hampshire

The drive to adopt NVMe (a storage-optimized variant of the PCIe interface standard for SSDs) led by the NVMe Work Group now has an interoperability lab at the University of New Hampshire. The UNH-IOL—a “neutral, third-party laboratory dedicated to  testing data networking technologies through industry collaboration”—is developing an interoperability test suite for deliver mid year. The NVMe Work Group consists of more than 90 member companies including a core group of ten “promoters”: Cisco, Dell, EMC, IDT, Intel, Micron, NetApp, Oracle, SandForce (LSI), and STEC. With a promoter lineup like that, the future of the NVMe spec seems fairly well assured.

[NOTE] For more information on the NVMe interface, see “Why is the NVMe SSD interface inherently more efficient than disk-based protocols such as SATA?

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