Is Flash memory nearing end of life and if so what solid-state storage is waiting in the wings? Will that be the salmon or the rosemary chicken?

On Thursday, May 17, the inaugural Storage Valley Supper Club sits down for its first dinner in Milpitas, California to discuss the state of the storage industry (“Because it’s all about storage!”). Anyone with present or past affiliations in the storage arena including components, drives, systems, and software is welcome to attend. Oh, you’ll need $40.97 to pay for the dinner too. (Will that be salmon, the rosemary chicken, or eggplant parmesan?)

The main topic on the agenda is a panel discussion titled “Storage Roadmaps: The Hitchhikers Guide.” Presenters include:

  • Steve Hetzler, an IBM Fellow at IBM’s Almaden Research Center in San Jose, California where he manages the IBM Storage Architecture Research group. He’s got 35 storage-related patents under his belt too.
  • Jim Handy, a leading analyst in the industry who has focused on semiconductor memory and storage for the last two decades
  • Tom Coughlin, author of “Digital Storage in Consumer Electronics: The Essential Guide” and the man behind the annual Storage Visions and Creative Storage conferences

The discussion topics include:

  • Is flash memory nearing end of life and if so what solid state storage is waiting in the wings?
  • When will HDDs achieve higher areal density growth and what technologies will drive it?
  • What is the future role of optical discs and magnetic tape in the storage hierarchy of tomorrow?
  • What are current and future applications for cloud storage?
  • What are future roles of various storage devices in system architectures?
  • What is the current situation with the storage supply chain—are we one earthquake or flood away from a major disaster?

Forget the salmon, the chicken, the eggplant, the salad, the baby carrots, and the unlimited soda—where else will you get this kind of information about the storage market for 40 bucks?

The venue is “Dave and Busters” at the Great Mall in Milpitas, CA.

Who says these guys don’t have a sense of humor?

The date again is Thursday, May 17.

Register here before all the seats are gone. Tell ‘em “Steve sent you.”

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