MRAM pairs with digital neuron chip to create pattern-recognizer board stackable to 1M neurons

Last week at the Embedded World 2012 event in Nuremberg, Germany, CogniMem Technologies demonstrated its 4096-neuron CogniBlox module that combines four of the companys 1K-neuron CM1K chips with 4Mbytes of Everspin MRAM. The MRAM is used to quickly load stored neuron patterns and to quickly save patterns for shifting among multiple recognition tasks on a real-time basis. CogniMem selected MRAM because of its fast read/write speed combined with its nonvolatility. A Lattice FPGA ties together the four CM1K neuron chips with the two MRAMs and the boards are stackable so that you can build a 1M-neuron system with 250 stacked boards. Such a system would deliver 0.13 petaflops with a power consumption of 500W.

For more information on the CogniBlox module, click here.

You’ll find Everspin MRAM memory models and 6000 more SOMA memory models for RAM and Flash devices at

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