Flash Memory Summit 2012: Call for presentations

Planning is now underway for the Flash Memory Summit 2012, which will be held in Santa Clara, CA in August. There’s no better show devoted exclusively to NAND Flash semiconductor memory and applications of NAND Flash—particularly SSDs. The organizers have put out a call for presentations, so click here for more info and be sure to save space on your calendar for the event, August 21-23.

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EDA360 Evangelist and Marketing Director at Cadence Design Systems (blog at http://eda360insider.wordpress.com/)
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2 Responses to Flash Memory Summit 2012: Call for presentations

  1. lane mason says:


    This format/site looks pretty good, lots on articles and good inputs. I did not find ‘manassas’ in a word-article search, so looks like archived articles start sometime after Denali was bought by Cadence


    • sleibson2 says:

      Hi Lane,

      Thanks for dropping by. I’ve restarted the Denali Memory Report, as you can see, but we did not bring up material from the old site for a few reasons, one of which is because references to Denali are no longer operative except in reference to the report.

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