Hitachi Global Storage unleashes 2.5-inch, 100 to 400Gbyte enterprise SSDs with Intel 25nm SLC NAND Flash

This week, Hitachi GST (Global Storage Technology) announced a new line of 2.5-inch, 100 to 400Gbyte enterprise SSDs, called the Ultrastar SSD400S.B, based on Intel 25nm SLC (single level cell) NAND Flash devices. The endurance specs of the Flash devices plus some intelligent firmware translate into some pretty impressive endurance specs for the drive: 35 petabytes of random write endurance over the drives’ 5-year warranty life. That figure represents a write usage of 19.2 Tbytes/day, every day, for five years. That spec’s going to be like candy for data center managers.

Photo courtesy of Intel Corp

The drives employ a 6Gbps SAS interface and can deliver peak throughputs of 536 Mbytes/sec for reads and 502 Mbytes/sec for writes, also expressed as 57,500 read IOPS and 25,500 write IOPS. The drives also incorporate a self-encrypting option for additional data security.

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