Free half-day SSD seminars across North America and the UK

Demartek, a research and analysis firm, will be holding seven free half-day seminars on SSD basics across North America (and one in the UK) during 2012. These seminars look to be pretty basic, so they’re an introduction for people who have yet to study SSDs in depth. The seminars will be taught by Demartek’s founder and president, Dennis Martin. A basic 2-part seminar outline includes:

Part 1:

  • A brief definition of solid-state storage, including DRAM, NVRAM and NAND flash
  • The three types of NAND flash — SLC, MLC and eMLC — will be described including performance and endurance characteristics
  • Key ways solid state differs from conventional magnetic media
  • Using auto-tiering to use solid-state storage cost effectively
  • How built-in compression algorithms can lower the cost per GB ratio of solid-state storage

Part 2:

  • Array-based, in mixed configurations with hard disk drives
  • Server-based using the PCIe interface
  • All-solid-state arrays
  • Caching appliances

Scheduled cities and dates:

  • Tue. Mar. 6 — Los Angeles, CA
  • Thu. Mar. 8 — Minneapolis, MN
  • Thu. Apr. 5 — Toronto, ON
  • Tue. Apr. 17 — Denver, CO
  • Thu. Sep. 13 — San Diego, CA
  • Thu. Sep. 20 — London, UK
  • Tue. Oct. 16 — Washington, DC

More info and registration here.

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  1. Bruce Barbara says:

    No sessions on Silicon valley?
    Please consider

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