Nexsan forecasts five SSD trends for 2012

Storage-system provider Nexsan recently issued a press release predicting five major SSD trends for 2012. They are:

  1. SSD storage system innovations to improve IOPS and reduce end-to-end latency. How? High-speed interfaces such as Infiniband and PCIe, block-level duplication, auto tiering, and caching. (Coincidentally, Intel just this week agreed to buy Qlogic’s Infiniband assets for $125 million. Intel happens to be in the SSD business.)
  2. Better matching of SSD type to application. This trend includes mixing and matching of standard and high-performance drives and tiering of solid-state storage media including DRAM, SLC (single-level cell) NAND Flash, and eMLC (enterprise multi-level cell) NAND Flash devices.
  3. More active system vendor evaluation. Here, Nexsan is saying that system vendors will get more savvy about picking SSDs for specific characteristics that match the intended use of the storage subsystem.
  4. Increased scrutiny in system vendor selection by customers. Nexsan believes customers will get more savvy about selecting SSD-based storage systems.
  5. Encroachment of Multi-Level Cell (MLC) SSDs into the datacenter. MLC SSDs are currently considered to be “consumer-level” drives but the price/capacity ratio is compelling so some companies use them anyway. Nexsan suggests this trend leads to woe through catastrophic data loss.

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