Ever get the thrill of seeing a Tesla coil torture an SSD? ioSafe wants to be sure you get the opportunity

One reason for the success of the Robot Wars and Battlebots TV shows among engineers is because they love to see engineered products get destroyed, usually as long as they didn’t have a hand in designing and building them. They can’t turn away. It’s like watching an accident happen. So imagine the vicarious thrill of seeing a Tesla coil drive hundreds of thousands or millions of volts into the case of an ioSafe external SSD at last week’s CES. The company hired Dr. Austin Richards, aka Dr. Megavolt, to do just that.

The point, of course, is that ioSafe SSDs are rugged. They’re waterproof. They’re fireproof (843°C for 30 minutes). They’re “disaster proof” according to the company slogan. However, it’s one thing to say “rugged” and an entirely different thing to demonstrate it. Dramatically and violently. That’s where the Tesla coil comes in.

Yes, the drive survived:

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